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Part III looks at the aesthetic and ethical consequences of the replacement of 'beauty' with 'art' in Kant's Third Critique.

Kant After Duchamp

Finally, part IV attempts to reconstruct an 'archaeology' of modernism that paves the way for a renewed understanding of our postmodern condition. The essays: Art Was a Proper Name. Given the Richard Mutt Case. The Readymade and the Tube of Paint.

Kant after Duchamp

The essays : Art Was a Proper Name. Given the Richard Mutt Case.

The Readymade and the Tube of Paint. The Monochrome and the Blank Canvas.

Kant after Duchamp. Do Whatever.

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Archaeology of Pure Modernism. Archaeology of Practical Modernism. Skickas inom vardagar. Kant after Duchamp brings together eight essays around a central thesis with many implications for the history of avant-gardes.

Although Duchamp's ready mades broke with all previously known styles, de Duve observes that he made the logic of modernist art practice the subject matter of his work, a shift in aesthetic judgment that replaced the classical "this is beautiful" with "this is art. Passar bra ihop.

Pictorial Nominalism Thierry De Duve. Aesthetics at Large Thierry De Duve.