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In Your Dreams. Ann Mehnert. The Cadaver's Ball. Charles Atkins. Wages of Sin. Charlene Gage. Room Four. AJ Knauss. Odds Are. Eric Thornton. Scarlet's Suicide. Deep Six. Except this morning, something's a little different Though locals - including Jill and Hank - are lining up for the chef's addictive lobster mac 'n' cheese, Mac's been having some bad luck since he and his orange food truck arrived in town: first he and his truck get sideswiped in a hit and run, and now he and his new wife are having marital issues. Hank and Divya soon find themselves landing square in the middle of those issues when Mac's wife Donna calls them in to treat her injured ankle.

While tending to Donna, Hank and Divya can't help but notice Mac's increasingly odd behavior, and begin to worry that there's something dangerous going on with this troubled couple. Hank is summoned to a local winery by client Tucker Bryant, who has some concerns about his childhood friend, Oliver Ambrose.

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Oliver has been showing some odd symptoms and Tucker, all too familiar with the signs of substance abuse, is worried that his friend may be heading down that path. Hank isn't so sure that's the problem, but he does suspect that something - other than just being a teenager - is causing Oliver's fatigue and erratic behavior. As Hank waits for his missing brother to turn up, Evan comes face-to-face with the kidnappers who snatched him off the streets of Cuba.

As it turns out, they grabbed the wrong Lawson brother.

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A believed-to-be-dead Cuban dissident named Marcos has had an accident and is in need of a doctor - preferably one who can keep his mouth shut. Hank arrives and manages to save the day, but while treating his patient he makes an unsettling medical discovery, one that could potentially put everyone involved in harm's way. When Boris sends a jet to whisk Hank away to his "winter residence," Hank is expecting a quick trip to Manhattan.

Instead, he and Evan find themselves landing on a very different island: Cuba. A local geneticist named Dr. Casseras has diagnosed Boris, and, eager to participate in her new clinical trial, he has brought Hank to Cuba to evaluate and prepare him for the treatment. Hank urges his patient to exercise caution, but Boris and the beautiful Dr. Casseras - whose relationship, it appears, may be more than just professional - have other ideas. When Hank comes to the rescue of an ailing stranger, he lands a huge new client, literally, the guy is enormous, an actor known for his performance as the "Trashman" in a gruesome series of films.

Donald aka the Trashman has been experiencing some troubling symptoms, and enlists the help of the HankMed team to get to the bottom of the medical mystery.