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Dutch rabbits are generally calm in nature, easy to handle and easy to train, wich makes them a good choice for pets.

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Average lifespan is years. Cashmere lops are a medium sized rabbit breed that originates from dwarf lops. They were discovered in in England in a nest of dwarf lop kits, but these guys had longer and thicker fur than the rest, and a new breed saw the light of day. They soon began to gain popularity, and in the 90s they started to appear in shows, wich made them gain more popularity and the breeding of them picked up. Cashmere lops are social, playful and friendly creatures with an average lifespan of 8 to 12 years, wich is actually quite a lot for rabbits.

These little guys requires regular grooming in order to prevent their long fur from becoming wooly and matted. Dwarf hotots are energetic, playful and affectionate rabbits that was made by crossing several breeds with the hotot in the s Germany. These rabbits have a unique look with their short ears and black borders around the eyes on the white rabbits.

Dwarf hotos was first brought to USA in the beginning of the s and they are now a favoured pet breed due to their small size, making them require less room and food, yet as with all rabbits, they should be free roaming and not locked up in cages. The expected life span of dwarf hotos range from 7 to 10 years, the fur is short and dense and requires very little attention from the owner.

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Dwarf lop is another popular tiny rabbit breed. Adult rabbits weighs around 2 to 2. The average life span of the dwarf lop rabbit breed is from 5 to 8 years. Dwarf lops gained popularity in England during the s and s, after being recognized as a rabbit breed by the British Rabbit Council in the end of the s.

Yes we know, quite confusing. These rabbits comes in lots of different colors. English lops was created through selective breeding in England during the 19th century, in order to create a fancy breed of pets. The ears can grow up to 32 inches long, wich is 81 in centimetres.

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They come in both solid color and mixed, in several different color combinations. English lops are quite large rabbits, the average adult rabbit weigh 11 pounds, or 5. These rabbits are quite inactive and calm creatures, with an expected life span ranging from 5 to 7 years. The French lop is a very popular pet rabbit breed that was created in France in the 19th century by crossing the flemish giant and the English lop. The expected life span for these rabbits are an average of 5 years, wich is quite low when it comes to rabbits.

This is also quite a big breed, where the adult rabbit weigh around 4. The Holland lop is another highly popular rabbit breed for pets, these rabbits are smaller than the ones above.

English Rabbit

The average adult Holland lop weigh no more than 4 pounds, or 1. Holland lops was created by crossing the breed Netherland dwarf with French lops. These rabbits are easy to deal with, the males can be friendlier than the females thou, as the males loves to be pets, while the females are a bit more shy. Holland lops are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, a common trait for this breed can be the flat face, some more than others.

The expected life span of pet dwarf rabbits seems to range from 7 to 12 years. Fauve de Bourgogne is a medium sized breed that originates from the Burgundy region in France, it was officially recognized in Allthoug they are a bit rare outside of France, they are still popular there. The fur is medium in lenght and should have an orange red color, and that is the only color this gorgeous rabbit breed comes in. The average weight for these rabbits in the adult stage is around 8 lbs, or 3.

They also have a pretty long expected life span, up to 12 years, wich is quite a lot for rabbits. The Russian rabbit is a beautiful breed that also goes under the name Himalayan rabbit, i guess somebody is arguing over the origin of this creature.

These rabbits are medium sized and can easily be mistaken for Californian rabbits, wich is quite similar. According to WikiPedia there are no records of where this breed actually originates from, so i guess that is why it goes under both Russian and Himalayan names. The main purpose of this breed is for rabbit shows, but it was bred for the white fur in the past, yet it has never been bred as a pure meat rabbit. The Rex rabbit breed is one of my favourites, these gorgeous companions have a short extremely dense smooth fur that feels plushy to the touch. This is a quite large rabbit breed that was created in France in , they can weigh up to They are considered intelligent and calm rabbits with an affectionate and playful temperament, wich makes them great as pet rabbits.

They first appeared in a Paris rabbit show in , where they gained interest amongst breeders, the same year they were exported to the United States. Rex rabbits comes in a variety of colors. The Havana rabbit breed is actually not from Cuba, but from the Netherlands.


The name came from the chocolate colored rabbits resembling the Havana cigars that came from Cuba. So in other words, these beautiful bunnies are named after cigars. They were first started bred in and were in the following years exported to Germany, Britain and then USA. If you wonder what kind of color broken is, then that is a mix of other colors. So basicly the ARBA recognizes 4 colors as well as rabbits with mixed ones.

Rabbits: cuddly friends or cunning tricksters? Listen to 6 Minute English

Jersey wooly is a fluffy little rabbit breed that was introduced at a rabbit convention in Orlando in by Bonnie Seeley from New Jersey. The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognized this as a breed in They are also renowned as highly submissive pets. This breed was made by crossing the fur-rich French angora with the tiny Netherland dwarf. The ideal weight of an adult Jersey wooly is mere 3 pounds, or 1. Lionhead rabbits are a highly popular rabbit breed as pets. These funny looking guys have their name from lions, due to their wool mane encircling their heads.

These rabbits have their origin in Belgium, where breeders tried to cross the miniature Swiss fox with the Netherland dwarf in order to create a long coated dwarf rabbit. Lionheads are intelligent well mannered friendly pets wich can understand simple orders like play, come and eat. Due to the large amount of fur on these guys, they will need regular combing in order to prevent their fur from clumping. This handsome little guy is of the breed mini lop, the ideal weight for adult mini lops are 5.

These rabbits come in a variety of colors, both solid and broken, and have a compact body type. This is a generally friendly and playful breed that can be taught tricks, commands and respond to clicker training. The average life span for mini lops are 5 to 10 years, wich is quite a gap. New Zealand rabbits is another breed with a misleading name, they originate from California in the United States, however they may have been bred by crossing rabbits imported from New Zealand, hence the name.

This is a large rabbit breed, where the average adult rabbit weighs from 9 to 12 pounds, wich is 4 to 5. The New Zealand rabbit breed was created in , wich actually makes them years as of These gorgeous creatures are recognized in 4 different colors as well as mixed, and have an expected life span of around 5 to 8 years. Usually though, rabbits who have suffered a severe spinal fracture do not feel any pain at all. Most animals only take in the calcium they need from their food and expel it through their guts, whereas rabbits absorb all the calcium they eat and expel it through their bladders.

This can sometimes result in an excessive build-up of calcium, known as bladder sludge. Some rabbits, including English Lops, may develop bladder stones.

Luckily, these conditions are relatively straightforward to treat if caught early. Bladder stones can be surgically removed, while sludge can be treated with fluids to help flush out the bladder. If the rabbit also has cystitis a bladder infection , a course of antibiotics will help to clear it up.

Dietary changes, such as feeding good-quality pellets that ensure your rabbit gets just the right amount of calcium, can help prevent problems from occurring. Vets report that four out of five rabbits coming into practice have a health problem that is directly related to poor diet, such as obesity, overgrown teeth and constipation. The good news is that many of these are easily prevented once we understand a bit more about what our pet rabbits should be eating and why.

Some signals your rabbits give you, like binkies or jumping for joy, are easy to interpret, but other clues as to what your pets might be feeling aren't always as obvious. Our guide can help make bunny behaviour clearer. Your rabbits' toilet habits may not be your favourite subject, but it's one you're likely to be familiar with. Still, do you know why bunnies might like to do their business in strange ways? Our expert gets to the bottom of some perplexing behaviours. Find out more about dogs, specific breeds and the illnesses they can face with our interactive pet profile built from over 40 years of working with pets.

Find out more about specific cat breeds and illnesses they may face with our interactive pet profiles. Toggle navigation Phone Home. Breed information Essentials Size: Large, weighing about 5kg 11lb. Temperament: Laid-back and inquisitive. Lifespan: years. Otitis The English Lop, like most lop-eared rabbits, can suffer from ear infections such as otitis, where the ear canal becomes inflamed and itchy.

Dental disease Many rabbits suffer from dental problems. Parasites Parasites are a common problem among all breeds of rabbit. Spinal injury English Lops, like all rabbits, have extremely delicate spines. Bladder problems Most animals only take in the calcium they need from their food and expel it through their guts, whereas rabbits absorb all the calcium they eat and expel it through their bladders.

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