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Beyond this, however, the overall structure of the CD remains difficult to infer. This difficulty is repeated on the level of the single treatise DN , the longest of the four, which offers meditations on an array of divine names from "Good" to "Peace" to "Perfect.

On Proclus and His Influence on Medieval Philosophy

Rorem, foreword, xiv. The first meditation is on divine procession into manifold creation and includes in chapters 4 through 7 the divine names "Good," "Being," "Life," and "Wisdom.

The achievement of the author's interpretation here is that he makes sense of these middle chapters by reading them as dedicated to the momentary pause between the divine exhalation procession and inhalation return. This would seem a better fit with some of the more striking divine names from these chapters, notably "Justice" and "Peace," which do not so much connote the "dynamic steadying" of creatures here and now as they do an earthly foretaste of the eschatological deification of the cosmos.

Moreover, much of this treatment of evil is lifted straight from Proclus's De malorum subsistentia —a fact independently established in by both Hugo Koch and Josef Stiglmayr F Noms divins VII.

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    Union et divinisation. Bibliographies et instruments de travail. Index verborum graecorum.

    On Proclus and His Influence on Medieval Philosophy | Neoplatonism | Platonism

    Rosemary A. She is currently preparing an edition with French translation of "De Divinis Nominibus" and "De Mystica Theologia" for the collection "Sources chretienne. B Proclus.

    Pythagoras – the Mystic Philosopher from Ancient Greece

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